• Bees and flowers share a symbiotic relationship that result in plant pollination and honey production
  • Did you know that pure honey is widely used as a recipe in many delicious foods e.g in chicken baking?
  • African Beekepers is the Africa’s leader and pioneers in provision of modern beekeeping equipment.
  • Apart from training on beekeeping, African Beekeepers supplies honey processing equipment
  • Did you know that one honey stick is equivalent to one teaspoon of honey?
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Honey Harvesting in Narok

Honey Harvesting in Narok

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Commercial Pollination in Kenya

The business of bee keeping is not only about honey production, bees can be used to pollinate commercial crops, whereby the beekeeper is contracted to place well stocked beehives next to field crops.

This system of commercial pollination is practised in the developed countries where large fields of crops are grown and bees are used to pollinate the crop so as to increase production and quality.

African Bee Keepers Ltd has recently secured a pollination contract on a commercial raspberry plantation in the Nanyuki area of Kenya. The contact runs for the period that the raspberries will be in flowering.

African Bee Keepers have placed 150 well stocked Langstroth bee hives in 7 locations of the raspberry plantation, the bee hives are placed close to the raspberry field in clusters that are enclosed with shade netting fence that are 10 feet high so that the bees fly from the bee hives and over the fence so that they do not interfere with field workers.

Mission & Vision


African Beekeepers Limited leads with well-informed and skilled beekeepers together with the keeping of bees in Natural environments in Kenya as well as a widespread appreciation for quality beekeeping equipment and bee products, for the critical role that bees play in agriculture.


We work to ensure a thriving and sustainable beekeeping industry in Kenya. We advocate for beekeepers’ interests, support bee health research and deliver practical training.

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Ŭrĩmi mwega (Good Farming) - Njata TV (Part 2)

Honey Badger trying a Hive

Honey Badger trying a Hive

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Ernest Simeoni the proprietor of African Beekeepers Limited introduced the Langstroth Beehive in Kenya in 1994 where he founded Honey Care International Limited.
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