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African Beekeepers is a supplier to beekeeping industry with a wide range of beekeeping equipment. Our equipment includes: Langstroth beehives, Super box, Queen excluder, Clearer board, Smoker, Bee brush, Catcher box, Hive stand, Bee suit, Solar wax melter, etc.


P001. Beekeeper Startup Kit

ABL has launched a Starter's Beekeeping that comprises of several beekeeping startup requirements.
The kit contains:

  1. Ten Langstroth beehives
  2. Ten Pole stands.
  3. One Beekeeping harvesting kit, and
  4. Honey semi processing unit


P002. Langstroth beehives

ABL has made several modifications to the Langstroth bee hive to suit local conditions:

  1. Reduced the frame space in the brood box by increasing an extra frame to 11 instead of standard 10, so as to prevent burr combs
  2. Permanently fixing the floor to the brood box so as to make handling easer especially when moving and transporting from trapping sites to stands.
  3. Reduced the length of the landing board to prevent bee eating birds from perching on landing board.
P003. Super box

Increased the space between the super frames by fitting 9 frames opposed to the standard  10 frame , so as to create and air flow reducing the heat in the bee hive.

P004. Queen excluder

The queen excluder is made from galvanized wire mesh with a timber boarder. The wire mesh has very little restriction for bees moving in and out of the super/supers.

P005. Clearer board

ABL developed the clearer board which works very efficiently clearing bees from the supers in 24 hours.

P006. Smoker

ABL has developed a jumbo smoker to be able to handle the African bees that requires good amount of smoke; the bellow is fitted with a return spring for efficient airflow.

P007. Bee brush

ABL manufactures and supplies efficient bee brushes with bristles that are bee friendly.

P008. Catcher box (5-frames)

The 3-catcher box is made to hold 5 Langstroth brood frames; the box is made with precision making it very versatile and efficient for relocating when colonized.

P009. Hive stand

ABL has designed a single post beehive stand which accommodates one  Langstroth beehives and is honey badger proof.

P010. Bee suit

ABL develops bee suits by carefully selecting the right material, and fitted with bee proof zips and Velcro to prevent stings from bees. The Vail is also made from a robust netting material that does not collapse thus providing good face protection, visibility and durability from rugged use.

P011. Beekeeping kit

Our bee keeping kit consists of all the necessary equipment to handle bees in the field. The items fit into a compact knapsack bag, which accommodates all the items.

P012. Solar wax melter

ABL has designed a solar wax melter which will melt honey combs harvested from top bar, traditional hives and capping from Langstroth bee hives giving a very high quality product under normal sunny conditions.

  • The wax melting unit is mounted on four UV treated recycled plastic legs.
  • The legs are detachable making the unit easy to transport.
P013. 9-Frame Centrifuge machine

ABL has developed two sizes of honey extractors; a 9 and a 3 frame. The extractors are made up of 50% local contents and 50% imported components from one of the largest bee keeping equipment manufacturers in Europe. The tanks are made from food grade plastic supported by a metal frame with three legs making the machine Versatile and robust.

P014. 3-Frame Centrifuge machine

ABL has designed the three frame machine to suit the small scale bee keepers operating in rural areas since it can be used as a mobile unit due to its versatility.

P015. Decapping tray

ABL has designed a versatile decapping tray that also serves as drip tray were decapped frames can be placed waiting to be extracted holding any drippings from the frames as well as the cappings.

P016. Decapping fork

ABL supplies an efficient decapping folk that can be used to decap combs in any rural processing unit.

P017. Honey sieve

ABL supplies a plastic which fits on any standard packet.

P018. Honey bucket drip holder

Holding a bucket of thick honey to pour can be quite tiring. The bucket holder can do the job with ease.

P019. Hive tool

Used for opening beehives, separating the brood box from super box and lifting frames during inspection and harvesting.

P020. Feeder box
  • Made of plywood and sealed with wax.
  • Used for feeding bee during dry periods by putting sugar syrup.
P021. Kenya top bar hive (KTBH)

KTBH fitted with queen excluder

P022. Semi processing unit

3 frame Centrifuge Machine (in stainless steel)

P023. Semi processing unit

9 frame Centrifuge Machine (in stainless steel)

P024. Semi processing unit

4 frame Centrifuge Machine (in food grade plastic tank)

P025. Comb cadges

For holding cut combs harvested from Top bar/traditional hives, the cadge Is then placed in a 3/9 frame ex tractor

P026. Stainless steel sieve
  • Double Stainless steel used for straining extracted honey. The sieve is made up of 1mm eyelets and 0.5mm eyelets for final and fine straining honey.
  • The sieve has adjustable handles to fit in containers with diameters of 20cm-40cm.
P027. Honey settling tanks 200litres.
  • Fitted with gate valve & complete with stand (in food grade plastic).
P028. Honey settling tanks 100litres
  • Fitted with gate valve & complete with stand (in food grade plastic).
P029. Honey settling tanks 200litres.
  • Fitted with gate valve & complete with stand (stainless steel tank).
P030. Honey settling tanks 100litres.
  • Fitted with gate valve & complete with stand (stainless steel tank).
P031. Honey straining cloth for sieves.
  • Used for final sieving of honey fits in 20litres bucket.
P032. Refractometer
  • Hand held Refractometer for measuring honey moisture content.
P033-P034 Pet jars
  • P032. 300grams Plastic PET Jar with lid P033. 500grams Plastic PET jar with lid P034. 1000gGrams Plastic PET Jar with lid.
P034-P036 Squeeze bottles
  • P035. 300grams Plastic Squeeze bottle with twist top and seal P036. 500grams Plastic Squeeze bottle with twist top and seal.
P035. Food grade plastic bucket
  • Complete with tight fitting lid Used for honey storage.

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Ernest Simeoni the proprietor of African Beekeepers Limited introduced the Langstroth Beehive in Kenya in 1994 where he founded Honey Care International Limited.
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