ABL introduces the Genuine Beekeeper Startup Kit

ABL has launched a Starter's Beekeeping that comprises of several beekeeping startup requirements. The kit contains:

  1. Ten Langstroth beehives.
  2. Ten pole stands.
  3. One beekeeping harvesting kit.
    • Beesuit with vail and gloves
    • Smoker
    • Hive tool
    • Bee brush
    • Torch
  4. Honey semi-processing unit.
    • 3 frame centrifuge machines
    • Decaping tray
    • Decaping fork
    • Double stainless steel sieve

African Beekeepers Ltd are the pioneers in developing the Langstroth beehive to suit the local conditions and has been producing and selling the hives for more than a decade in Kenya. Not only do we sell the bee hives but we are also the largest commercial honey producers using the Langstroth hive system.

Our Langstroth beehives are wholly Kenyan made using local material and are all fitted with 100% bees wax comb starters, comb strips that are also locally produced from bees wax coming from our local bees thus assuring quick colonization and free from foreign diseases transmitted from imported bees wax.

African Beekeepers Ltd is committed to creation of job opportunities for our fast growing youth population in Kenya by creating both jobs and small business opportunities from modern beekeeping with the aim of promoting the production of high quality honey.

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Ernest Simeoni
Ernest SimeoniThe Director[email protected]
Ernest Simeoni the proprietor of African Beekeepers Limited introduced the Langstroth Beehive in Kenya in 1994 where he founded Honey Care International Limited.

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