Baringo Honey Value Chain Progress

African Bee Keepers Ltd and Hand in Hand launching the first lot of bee hives for the Baringo honey value chain project.

In August 2015 African Beekeepers (ABL) ventured into Baringo honey value chain partnership project with Hand in Hand (HinH). It was a one year pilot project.

African bee keepers trained both Hand in Hand staff and Baringo honey value Chain project group members on modern bee keeping and honey production techniques. ABL then supplied modern bee keeping equipment to the groups through HinH who collected money from the groups to pay for the equipment.

ABL together with HinH provided the groups with training and extension services throughout the pilot phase, the groups started to harvest honey from the bee hives in February 2016, there has been three more harvest thereafter with the production increasing gradually every time as the members are slowly improving their skills in managing modern bee hives.

The successes of the pilot has led into to a further three year extension of the project and so ABL has signed a 3 year MOU with HinH east Africa to further develop the Baringo honey value chain project.

Baringo Honey Value Chain Group members extracting and weighing honey.
Training Baringo honey chain members.
Setting up the beehives during pilot launch
Baringo Honey Value Chain member receiving a new Langstroth beehive.
Left: Group member extracting honey with centrifuge machine supplied by african bee keepers ltd. Right: baringo honey value chain group members admiring fruits of their labour.
African Beekeepers (ABL) Training HinH Baringo Honey Value Chain Group Members on Modern Beekeeping.
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Ernest Simeoni
Ernest SimeoniThe Director[email protected]
Ernest Simeoni the proprietor of African Beekeepers Limited introduced the Langstroth Beehive in Kenya in 1994 where he founded Honey Care International Limited.

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